Ethereum Sinatra

Here it is what you were waiting for to be launched world wide...!


About us.

You have got what you were waiting for, Ethereum Sinatra is a digital currency that enables anyone, anywhere in the world to make quick, easy, and cheap payments at any time without going through a central authority. Based on a decentralized peer-to-peer network, and secured by strong cryptography, Ethereum Sinatra offers a safe and user-friendly payment method without barriers. Ethereum Sinatra is portable, inexpensive, divisible and fast digital cash for both the internet and everyday life.


What to Experience.

Low Gas Usage

We all know we are tired of paying Gwei every time and we believe it is unfair for us to waste gas and be a burden on the chain.

Fast Transaction

This is why we came up with Ethereum lightning to process transactions as fast and cheap as possible.


We promise we will keep this updating and bringing you a better and secure token with each update.

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